Today, cryptocurrency is confidently conquering the electronic world. Therefore, many who were able to appreciate its advantages quit their main job and devoted themselves to trading. The time when trading on stock exchanges was available only to a narrow circle of people, brokers, who buried themselves in piles of papers and monitored the price movement of certain assets, has long become history. The entire process associated with this activity has almost entirely moved to the World Wide Web. Moreover, it has become available to most network users. Today, anyone can become a cryptocurrency trader, regardless of their level of knowledge and the amount of initial capital.

What is MeowSwap?

Buy and sell cryptocurrency in minutes! Join the world’s largest crypto exchange!

The MeowSwap cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where one digital currency is traded and exchanged for another or for different world currencies, including dollars, euros, rubles and yuan. In addition to mining, the original way to create cryptocurrencies, exchanges are considered one of the ways to get them.

The main advantages of the MeowSwap exchange:

  • Long and reliable operation
  • Profitable commissions
  • A wide range of options for replenishing the balance
  • Instant execution of orders
  • Responsive and friendly user support, working around the clock

What is MEOW?

MEOW is the next leading decentralized exchange (DEX) focused on providing a more prestigious trading experience. This is managed by a team of experienced people who will operate with transparency and fairness that is similar to real world companies.

MEOW offers potential returns that can exceed traditional savings accounts. Our credit partners apply sound risk management practices and due diligence to their institutional counterparties.

What is ADA?

ADA coin can be staked for rewards in crypto wallets such as Exodus and Daedalus. After that, it becomes an ADA token, which is then used to mine ADA. For staking ADA, the user receives a reward.

Cardano’s native cryptocurrency token, ADA, is named after Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (1815-1852). The daughter of the poet George Byron, Ada Lovelace was a mathematician and the author of the description of the first calculating machine, for which she wrote the world’s first program. She is considered the first programmer in history.

What is ADAX?

ADAX is an automated liquidity protocol that facilitates transactions in the Cardano ecosystem in a completely decentralized manner.

ADAX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) of digital assets on the Cardano blockchain. The official launch of the trading platform is scheduled for the end of January 2022.

What is SundaeSwap?

SundaeSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange (DEX). The goal of the project is to provide users with tools for trading with digital assets, staking and lending with minimal commissions.

Crypto exchange SundaeSwap claims leadership among DEXs on the Cardano blockchain. The project remains in the center of attention of the crypto community participants.

What is Cardax?

Cardax is one of many projects looking to leverage the new capabilities of Cardano as the ecosystem moves towards decentralization, affordability and sustainability.

AMM on this network will fully support the native capabilities of Cardano tokens, allowing its users to trade these digital assets, trade multiple native tokens in a single transaction, and become liquidity providers through the Advanced Automated Market Maker (EAMM) protocol.

In this way, Cardax will provide a practical solution to the most common problems encountered in almost all AMMs currently operating in the DeFi sector. At the same time, projects that rely on the Cardano ecosystem will be able to access their own marketplace for their tokens and increase their adoption rate.

What is Yoroi?

Everything is simple. This is a simple, fast and secure Cardano ADA wallet.

Yoroi allows users to manage ADA in their browser. It is a lightweight wallet that starts up quickly, allowing users to start sending or receiving ADA in minutes.

What is Nami?

Nami is a lightweight and easy to use Cardano wallet as a browser extension. Chrome, Brave and Edge browsers are supported.

Main functions:

  • Sending and storing multiple assets
  • Delegation to pools
  • Instant switch to the Cardano test network

The wallet is open source and is actively developed. The main difference from existing wallets is that Nami can be connected to any site to interact with dApps (decentralized applications).

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